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    I have a Pre 1.4.5 with Preware. Before Preware the clock was ok, now, the clock will not load, any ideas?
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    what patches do you have loaded. Your issue isn't likely related to prepare. You might want to run the doctor and start again use save/restore to back up first.
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    Very odd. The only time I've previously heard similar issues was back before clock themes had 1.4.5 support (which they now do though).

    Have you previously tried clock themes and/or the clock-related patches? If patches, install the Emergency Patch Recovery from WOSQI/Preware. If themes, install the Clock Theme Recovery from WOSQI/Preware.

    If you've used neither patches nor clock themes, I have no reason why the clock is having issues and would suggest using weboSDoctor (though be sure to backup data before using it).
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