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    So I went into the Apple store yesterday convinced I was going to replace my Pre+ with an iPhone 4. Little background: Im a June 6th 2009 Pre- user who switched to Verizon a few months ago. I bought a Pre+ on ebay to retain my upgrade for the Pre3.

    The Pre+ is fine, except for the "L" "N" and "U" keys hardly working (my friends have same issues, different keys). Googlemaps fails to work half the time even with open air full 3g signal (indicator). Ive overclocked in the past with success and have generally been vey happy though. Obviously webOS is beautiful. I am a business and personal user...having both Exchange and Google syncs for cal, email, and contacts.

    The thing bugging me about webOS was the lack of apps, whether it be stealing my fiance's iPhone 4 to play scrabble online, Pocket Legends, Order and Chaos, or to use it for the enhanced Boston Transit info in google maps...I was feeling VERY left out.

    So here I was at the Apple store waiting for a genius to come sell me an iPhone...I had a few questions first though. As I explained earlier, I have two "worlds", exchange and google. Personal contacts are created as google contacts, work contacts are created as exchange contacts, and from there on out they are synced accordingly. Guess what? iPhones cant do sounds very simple but you cant delineate what type of contact you want when creating a new can only set one default account in overall settings and then it will only sync there. IE only exchange or only google contacts.

    Having said that, bravo webOS for being rich in features. Un-bravo for noone making any apps for you.
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    Interesting and thanks for the info. So many people buy iPhones for what IOS has to offer and live without many things everyone else comes to expect like multiple email account syncing, multitasking, and the ability to make phone calls (ATT). I have at least 3 friends who own iPhone 4 phones and can't make calls half the time they try. I guess most ATT customers are idiots or have just gotten used to not having phone service all the time. Sprint is not perfect either, but at least roaming kicks in when service is not available directly from Sprint.

    I suspect many iPhone customers on ATT will be jumping ship as soon as Verizon lands the iPhone 5 and until then...what's the point of leaving and signing a new contract. Sorli...

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