I'm on my phone, did some searching, couldn't find a similar thread,so bear with me.

I've had this phone(Bell Mobility 1.4.5) since January, & was consistently overclocked 1K/500 UK for a few months. Went up to 2.1.0 with the old Cygwin method (before it was deemed unacceptable to do so anymore) and was OC'd at 1.1GHz with F104A. About 2 months later was tired of the lag and unresposiveness that happened every once in awhile and doctored back to 1.4.5.

Had some apps/patches etc disappear on me and decided to do another Doctor. Nothing interesting was noticed while doctoring, just a usual Doctor.

I used the same profile for 2.1 as 1.4.5. The first Doctor to 1.4.5, all my apps were there,the 2nd time they were gone (not the issue).

Today all my cookies settings for apps etc were gone. It just seems to me like my phone isn't acting as well now as before I went to 2.1. Some patches aren't working correctly,for example my SMS patch for multiple cards/convos, I can only have 2 open and that's all that will happen. There are other little idiosyncrasies as well.

Should I just re-doctor and start again?
Is there some kind of tests I can do other than the tests under Device Info(nothing to report there)?

this Pre has also taken its share of knocks & tumbles.

it almost reminds me of when I got q concussion years ago.... Almost there, but not quite right.