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    I like to listen to music while I mountain bike. Headphones are out of the question since you need to be able to hear other people around you. Right now, I throw my Pre into my Camelbak and let it blast out tunes through it's rear speaker while I ride. I was thinking of getting an external Bluetooth speaker mounted on my bike (with music and phone controls), but am a little worried about battery life. As it is, my battery barely lasts through a half day of riding. Would Bluetooth streaming be even worse, or does the rear speaker amplifier use more power? Anyone have a definitive answer? Thanks!
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    Not sure, but have you considered an external battery source so that you won't have to worry about the Pre's battery?
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    Aaron Ralston (of Between A Rock and A Hard Place or 127 Hours fame) used earphones while riding, listening to Phish cranked way! up! Of course, maybe that was because he was riding his bike the middle of nowhere...where nobody could hear you
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