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    i have sprint pre running webos 2.1 and decided to install sr71 kernel patch and now my phone is stuck at the boot screen of the penguin. help please ...

    thank you
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    lol mine could handle SR71 but you will still have lots of lag on 2.1 you sure you don't want 1.4.5 on ur pre-?
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    Try Option key+sym+R keys and see if it will reboot.
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    How To Recover

    If you can't do this above then you can doctor the phone by putting it into usb mode. With the usb plugged into the computer, hold the power button, and switch the ringer switch 3 times. Then hold the volume button up.
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    i dont want to doctor now. is it possible to connect in usb mode and then use webos quick install to remove the kernel patch? If I need to doctor will my 2.1 profile work on 1.4.5. Also if I doctor I need to activate over wifi so if anyone can tell me how to do that I will appreciate. I also need to unlock this sprint palm pre to work in another country hence the reason to activate over wifi. thank you.

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