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    I am getting several "spam" text messages every night. They are always from (example only) valerie925342..... (yahoo maybe?) and only say "Hey" How can I block (or control) SMS messages? These are from web sources. I haven't kept track to see if they are from the same domain until now but am going to. I just realized they were not from another phone necessarily. I also recently changed ISP at home but these messages are directed at my cell number.

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    I have the same problem as you. I get unwanted messeges from someone using ive tried blocking them through sprint but it doesnt seem to work and when i try to block them from that site their opt out section tells me a messege has never been sent to my phone. hope someone has a good answer
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    I'm Verizon and I can't (or don't know how) to control my SMS settings. But I may have just explained it to myself!!

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    I think on verizon you can block all texts from webpages which would be nice if it worked. not possible on sprint. thats why im not too broken up about going to V to get the pre 3
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    Hell I'm anxious about going to At&t!!!! Almost a year from today! Ah, Verizon free!!!!
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    Hopefully the Pre 3 will be waiting! Not biting on Veer!
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    And I can't find any "control" features at all!
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    I would think there would be something to do it on Verizon webpage when you log into your account. not real sure though
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    yes, I got it set to block web and email text. Let's see how that works. Just annoying!
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    Oh yea, Thanks!
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    Well I tried the block internet and email settings and am still getting these spam messages. Is this just another issue that no one wants to talk about. It seems that sometimes I "hit a nerve" when I ask questions here!


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