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    I text ALOT! And I everytime I send a text no matter what speed of uberkernel I am using the phone will lock up for about 5 seconds. I love 2.1 but am super close to doctoring back to 1.4.5 just because of this. Does anyone know any fixes or help?
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    Its a common issue on 2.1. I dont know if its 2.1 itself or the meta doctor. I'm using the meta doctor on a pre+ and it does the same. It just locks up while its sending the message. 3 to 5 seconds is not a big deal in my opinion.
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    i love 2.1 but i doctored back because of some bugs including this one, i am curious to know if it is 2.1 itself or only the meta doctor?
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    nuttybunny mentioned that if you just delete all your messages it will help to alleviate this bug.
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    this is the main reason why I went back to 1.4.5 I text a lot and I depend on that so I couldn't take it anymore so I'm more than happy with 1.4.5 I honestly don't see a difference at all between two versions. Just the auto correct and deck cards but that's not important at all. My phone is fast, too fast with 1.4.5 already so I would suggest go back to 1.4.5 if you want more options even on Preware for ur pre.
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    I have found that adjusting compcache following this thread has decreased this issue for me. Not eliminated, but decreased.

    Sprint Pre (-) / F105 / 2.1 metadoctor

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    nope not even that helped on mine. 2.1 is not good for pre- yet
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    Quote Originally Posted by rigo0523 View Post
    nope not even that helped on mine. 2.1 is not good for pre- yet
    2.1 is not good for some pre-
    It does not appear to be good for yours.
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    stop getting mad. Seriously behave no it's not good for pre- that's a fact. It's too laggy and flash is not yet good for it. I'm one of the few that can say I had 1.2 Ghz so no it is not SOME like you say. I tried and tried and you know what? I used to be like you getting mad for people saying 2.1 was not good for pre- I had it since it came out and guess what? I tried to have the latest software and be up to date but in all reality 2.1 is just too laggy for it. I can show you one of my comments that looks just like urs saying some people had weak pre's and I was lying to myself because all that time I knew it wasn't meant to be. So say whatever you want, say ur pre is the strongest like I did, but in the end ull realize ur only lying to urself so I know how you feel right now. My advice to people with pre- is to hold back if you really care about ur messages and text a lot. Besides, what's the difference? Only flash and auto correct...oh and stacks(pointless). I didn't even care to doctor it back to 1.4.5 instead I bought a brand new pre- 2 weeks ago and I'm so glad I'm back to 1.4.5. MUDSHARK. Now here is my challenge. I want you to show us that 2.1 is completely flawless on ur phone. Can you post a youtube video and prove me, all of us wrong? If it's true what you are saying then your POINT will be proven and I promise u just for that I'll go back to 2.1 just for you. Show us ur version, and if possible have the SR71 like I did on mine as well as flash player. Play a video for a few minutes and see what hapens on a minus. Also the most important thing, the messaging application. Please prove me wrong that messagin app works efficiently on 2.1 if you prove ur statement right in honor of you I will go back to 2.1 but I need you to shows us first. On 1.4.5 I click on things and instantly they are up. I click on messaging and right away I can text. Now prove me that you an do that as well on a pre-
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    this is the one thing i hate the most about 2.1. . Even the leaked webos 2.0 had this problem. had anyone tried to dig through the code to see what the problem is?
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    it's a huge problem and honestly the only reason y I went bak to 1.4.5 if there was a fix for it I would take 2.1 bak
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    the delay is irrelevant to me. I text alot as well and the delay alone is not enough for me to ever switch back to 1.4.5. I have a Sprint pre- on 2.1 and I have loved it ever since I installed it.

    2.1 appears to be "right" for my phone. Can't speak for the rest of you as the problems that you guys state that you are having with 2.1, I don't seem to have
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    it's the same problem you have on mine. Seriously. 2.1 hype, latest technology, mental thing is all it is. Messaging app is not good. Even with 3-8 second delay I don't want it like that. I text many people all the time. If you only use the phone for ur internet and calls then good for you. Obviously even the browser drags sometimes. I'll wait for the pre 3 besides, my old pre has 2.1 with flash, with 1.2GHZ and WIFI only so I should know the difference between the two. I compare 2.1 to my new pre 1.4.5 and really there's no difference at all. It does run smoother(perhaps an illusion thing) but 1 to 1 on a pre minus 1.4.5 wins. Now if you say you have the pre2 with 2.1 then I would agree with you. For me, it's a no no. I have a strong old pre- with 2.1 and all and yet, I an see the lag. Like I said, you installed 2.1 and after such an effort, of course I understand the reasoning for people saying 2.1 is better I said the same thing and all along I was lying to myself. In reality, 2.1 on a pre- has flaws that 1.4.5 doesn't. And another reality, preware makes more sense on 1.4.5

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