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    I have a Pre- webos 1.4.5 on Sprint. I activated the google voice/sprint integration over a week ago, making my GV # the primary number. No problems UNTIL yesterday when suddenly my email accounts have disappeared AND even if I try to re-add the account it fails [the wheel just spins forever after entering email and password]. Also, just type doesn't work, at least not to search my contacts, even though my google contacts are still on the phone. Calendar is still syncing with google calendar fine, so some things work, but not email and search. I've searched here and haven't found anything similar. Any idea what the problem is and how to solve it? Thanks.
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    Bump. Any suggestions?
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    I'm guessing you have Preware installed and have some patches? We could go back and forth guessing things to try but honestly Sprint Integration does nothing to your phone physically. So you're really dealing with something unrelated to Sprint Integration when it comes to your Just Type problem.

    1. First go to Backup app and turn it off. Choose "Turn off and erase backup"
    2. Do a reset. Go to "Device Info" --> "Reset Options" --> "Full Erase"
    3. Log back in restore Google accounts and try out all functions.
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    thanks, that seems to have done the trick.
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    Glad to hear!

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