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    I recently completed my surgery to build a Sprint Frankenpre plus running 2.1.0 from two separate devices. I had the phone activated for a couple weeks to test it out and all seems to be working well. The plan is to drop the frankenpre from my Sprint account, then swap the frankenpre for my primary device (launch day pre minus running 1.4.5).

    I have backed up my data, both to the cloud and locally, but I'm sure I will forget something. And thus brings me to my question of "is the following possible?"...

    I want to take my primary device (with my primary profile) and put it into airplane mode. Wipe the frankenpre, activate it, and log in to my primary profile. If I am thinking about it correctly, my original device won't throw a fit (i.e. log me out of my profile) unless it can connect to the Palm servers for it to "know" that my profile is being used on another device. That way, if I needed to retrieve any data I had forgotten, I should still be able to access it on the original device. (I'm thinking Mode Switcher settings, since it isn't a direct transfer using Save/Restore from 1.x to 2.x.)

    Does any of this some possible or am I living is a sleep deprived fantasy world?

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    I forgot about it at first, but I am using the two donor devices to test my theory. So far it appears to be cooperating, other than the fact that I can't move Palm Back-up data from a 2.x device to a 1.x device...

    I'll try to comment more later...
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    as long as u stay in airplane mode it will work fine.

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