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    Hey, I did a fresh install of the 2.1 software and Its slowing down and freezing usually during the music player or randomly. Im using uber kernal but thats it. What else did I miss that should be fixed to stop this lag and freezing

    Pre Minus btw
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    nothing. 2.1 is just too slow for pre minus n plus. I had 2.1 so I should know. And I also had the 1.2ghz kernel and yet my messaging app froze a million times. It's not worth it. Get the pre 2 and make a frankenpre 2 and ull see the difference. Or better yet, wait for the PRE 3. Like I said, 2.1 has many imperfections for pre minus
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    yea i'm back on and have never appreciated the phone more
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    Well this sucks now, I almost got the Pre 2 for $100 new in box but he hasn't responded and neither has the people with the Pre Plus. and My Pre Minus is falling apart, this is not good at all. Sprint wont even cover it because around the usb port it cracked and it exposes the board. It wasn't even my fault.
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    I've noticed a little slowdown during music play but I think 2.1 feels faster on my Pre, overall.
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    Try installing Jstop and setting it to "Enable Auto GC" (Garbage Collect Javascript heap).

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