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    Use "Save/Restore" from Preware on both phones first. There's really no way to log out except to either do the "Erase Apps & Data" or logging into another phone with an existing profile (which will have the effect of forcing the "Erase Apps & Data" on the other phone). Given your situation, you should:
    (1) Go into Preware first and go to "Saved Package List" and tap "Update" to save your current list of all programs/patches.
    (2) Install and use "Save/Restore" on both devices.
    (3) Connect each of them and copy off the /saverestore folder into separately labeled locations on your computer (so you know which folder belongs with which profile).
    (3) Do the "Erase Apps & Data" on both devices.
    (4) Sign into each device with the profile that you want, then wait while the purchased apps for each profile get downloaded and installed.
    (5) Install Preware on both devices.
    (6) Use Preware to install Save/Restore on both devices.
    (7) Copy the appropriate /saverestore folder to back to each device.
    (8) Run Save/Restore to restore your Preware backup, then luna-restart.
    (9) Run Preware and go to the "Saved Package List" and tap "Install All".
    (10) After all your homebrew stuff has been re-installed, make sure you run all of the programs (that you have backups for in Save/Restore).
    (11) Run Save/Restore and restore the backup data for whichever programs you want (this only works if you do step 10) and then you'll very likely need to at least luna-restart (if not full restart) before the restores will work properly.
    (12) Remember to donate to WebOS Internals!
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    thanks appsotytuely

    where is the patch info and bypass tool I I have searched and it is not coming up over here my 3G is not good enough to do the restore it logs in and sticks on restoring so I need to bypass and get the phone to connect to my wireless network to get this finished
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    bypass tool is on

    the patches are in preware
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