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    has there been any update on HP "Making things right" for Pre/Pixi/Plus users?
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    Quote Originally Posted by saleemyas3 View Post
    has there been any update on HP "Making things right" for Pre/Pixi/Plus users?
    No. they probably just said that to shut up the complainers.

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    No - the plan is filed between the hen's teeth and rocking horse manure.
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    I doubt they will do anything.
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    I keep on having this strange feeling this is somewhat related:
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    I keep reading here about Hp handing out Veers to people at events and on programs like "The View", why not just give you guys a screaming grand discount on a new HP device?

    But then again, I wonder how they at this point can 'make things right' for Sprint Pre owners, when there isn't a newly released Sprint webOS device?

    I guess if the rumored slab was released, then perhaps there would be a device available to give you guys a 'make it right' discount on.
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    I might be in the minority.....but I still believe that HP WILL honor their promise to make it right.

    I guess it helps that I also believe in unicorns, the toothfairy, santa and the Easter bunny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryudo423 View Post
    I doubt they will do anything.
    I disagree. I think they will hand out tissues when everyone on Sprint starts crying.
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    I think it was that moment when Rubinstein found out the difference between being CEO and SVP...

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