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    what is going ot with my pre sayin roaming too much. I'm on sprint and it seems in a lot of places my phone says roaming and for the 3G signal it's not strong on the I only get like 200KBits and to me that is really low to be on the 3G network. So what do I need to do to also increase the speed? And for roaming? imy family all have sprint but their phones don't say roaming so is it my pre? My first one did that too and now my new 2nd one is doin the same thing.
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    I would bring up the phone, click on phone (upper left) then preferences. See what data roaming is set to. You could try and disable it to see what happens.
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    yes I know that but I would be on the sprint network only right?
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    sprint reduced roaming coverage in some areas where they sold alltell assets to at&t so check their new coverage maps. They are also limiting some data services while roaming so check their sefvice terms and maps.
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    what? Are you serious? Limiting data services? Is that why the speed is so slow even with 5 bars?
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    I am not on sprint. Thats why u need to check the sprint site to see if anything has changed about where and how u roam. Its been discussed here in other threads, but u should check to see if anything applies to you, it may not.

    I was just suggesting a possibility. Im on verizon, so dont take my word for any of this.

    discussion and link here:
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    is there anyway to hack verizons network instead? My 3G is too weak now
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    You could change it to sprint only and see what speeds you get. I would be careful with forced roaming. I did that since I didn't have a sprint signal in my condo and Sprint ended up "firing" me as a client for roaming to much. I had to switch to Verizon to keep using a Pre (gag).
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    are you serious? imaybe it's not a good idea to force it then. Is Sprint really that bad with the service? Sometimes calls don't go through and it's just frustrating. Why on the speed test am I getting 200KBps even with 5 bars. It's a rip off. I live in chicago so why am I getting mediocre 3G -ignal
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    Something you might want to consider:

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