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    Phone died overnight, as I found out when I woke up. I plugged it into the of these days I'll get a TS.... and when I turned it back on later, I had to re-enter names & passwords for phnx and had to actually re-configure both my 3G and WiFi setups for TorrentRemote.

    Bad Kitty & Facebook were still ok.

    I may have had both of those apps open when the phone died, I can't remember if there were or not. If they were, would that be the reason why I had to do that?
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    me too, slacker
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    sometimes when the phone dies it doesnt save the cookies correctly causing the phone to lose info
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    is your battery getting old? It should save and shut down gracefully unless the battery falls off a cliff at the end. That would possibly happen if the battery needs to be callibrated or is nearing the end of it's useful life.
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    Might need to be calibrated, pretty sure I did that in January when I got my last replacement. Doesn't really matter now anyway, as my phone just froze, rebooted and now nothing's there as far as apps. Not at home so don't think I can install Preware w/o PC, so no save/restore either.

    -- just noticed I had 0.1GB left in memory. Wonder if that had something to do with it?

    -- just re-d/led phnx, instal and launch and I don't have to enter my info....that seems a little strange?

    -- looks like most or all my patxhes are still there. Top bar menus, battery %, ACSP & ACAL. Time to get rid of some mp3's.

    This proves to me that spending an extra $100 for 16GB on a Touchpad is worth it, regardless of what is planned for cloud services. I like local storage
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    Weird. Now all my apps are back, like normal. I think I may just scrap F104 and go back to UK.

    -- When I go into Preware, nothing is listed as installed, even though I can tell there's patches installed. Sounding closer and closer to a trip to the Dr.
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