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    Hi guys,

    Please bear with me as I am abit ******** when it comes to technology etc....

    I've had my Pre for over a year now (and love it) but lately I've been having a few issues with it (freezing, rebooting, getting IPK (?) log issues in Preware when trying to update patches etc......)

    Is this just because its over a year old and ***** happens? Or could these problems be resolved by doctoring it - which i've never done before?
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    Doctoring wont hurt. The IPK issues can happen if you are using patches that conflict with other patches. Starting over will give you a chance to use some combo patches (mixes) to minimize conflict. I recommend that 1.4.5 users start with

    1. Advanced Configuration for App Launcher

    2. Device Menu Ultramix
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    Before you doctor - if you are running 1.4.5.x you can run webOSRepair and try that. It may or may not solve the problem but it shoudn't make things worse.

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