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    If you want to say thanks for Impostah, feel free to purchase the Preware Homebrew Documentation app from the app catalog, and leave a nice review. ;-)

    -- Rod
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    Rod my friend, already have it. I don't donate much but I do buy the apps which matter to the community which amounts to the same thing in a way. Keep up the good work my man!
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    I just lost Interfacelift. All I did was allow it to be updated. It got updated into oblivion effectively.

    The app catalogue shouldn't be allowing such updates for us persons. It's just not right.

    Does this mean we should henceforth eschew updates, or, upon learning that one is available, investigate to see if allowing the update will make the app into one that requires a version of WebOS >= 2 before agreeing to it? That seems tedious.

    This is awful!
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    You probably should check if the apps are 1.4.5-compatible. There are some apps in the catalog that, while they are 2.1 and up, are compatible with 1.4.5, the more notable examples being hybrid apps.

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    how do i get interfacelift to work again ? on sprint 2.1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabbi-emu View Post
    how do i get interfacelift to work again ? on sprint 2.1
    Download the version from Preware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beastobadness View Post
    To start with I am on a pre- running 2.1 and recently I have started getting a bizarre screen from the app catalogue stating "this application is not available for your model".
    It happened when I tried to update an existing app on my phone called smartrunner and audiophile through the software manager?
    I apologise if this has already been covered in another thread.
    Can anyone shine a light on this or maybe tell of a fix?
    I'm running 1.4.5 and am experiencing the same thing with the Bubble Electric game. It's already on my Pre and I've been playing it for over 1 year but am unable to update it. Any thoughts?
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    Sounds like bubble electric is another app that has gone device specific. Probably future updates will only work for the pre 2, veer and soon to come pre 3.
    Don't know if its possible but the app developer will need to request it changed in the app cat to work on the pre-, maybe you can try contacting the developer?
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    Yes, I sent an email to the developer. Let's see what happens...
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