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    so the other day I pull my pre out of my pocket with no apps running and it feels like it's about to melt the temp was 55c well I shut it off let it cool down and restarded it and it was fine I go to charge it the same night tonight and in standby once again it hits 57c with no use. Is this weird or a common problem if so how do I fix it I am chargine directly with the usb. Also when I plug my phone in my charger produces a high pitched ringing. Like the mosquito ringtone if you have ever heard of it. Any help is appreciated thanks guys
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    Happened to me earlier today, just restarted my Pre- and it went back to normal temp. Could be due to overclocking (screenstate 500/800), or something affecting overclock.. all I had running in the background was mode switcher, email, messaging, and system stuff (use JStop to check).

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