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    My current contract with Sprint ends in August, but I'm unsure of what to do even after extensive research.

    My girlfriend and I each have the original Palm Pre with separate numbers on the family 1500 minute plan. We pay $124/mo with some discounts such as the "Best Buy Employee" status which was added after using all my coupons.
    But together we almost never use close to 1500 minutes. I barely even use the phone anymore after two battery and two device swaps from the annoying battery problems I get. I don't overclock or even do anything and it drains. The most useful app I have is myTether because it's always nice to have just in case.

    It's great having unlimited data and texts, but I'm not against getting a new plan with fewer minutes and limited data or even a new carrier and phone. With Skype, Google Voice/VoIP and other services, it's becoming less necessary to get a bloated plan, and I'd like to pay less than what I'm paying now.

    But I like technology. I'd like a phone that could actually read .pdfs decently. After fooling with my brother's iPhone 3GS and jailbreaking it for him, I kind of liked the idea of using its WiFi with Talkatone and Google Voice for free VoIP calling and even Skype with video!

    I'd consider the Pre3, but I'm so bitter about the $10 Premium Data Addon charge and my battery consumption problems and the inability to read a PDF. As for the $10 data charge, can't we be "grandfathered" in with the Pre3 if we already have unlimited data?

    I'm seriously learning towards finding a good iPhone 5 plan or something for the two of us and just use some free texting/voip services. We don't play crappy flash games.

    I know there's a thread about this but I still haven't found a good option for the two of us.

    Edit: No complaints about Sprint's reception in Minneapolis. Good signal and no dropped calls. It's more about not feeling like I'm getting $124 worth of service out of these two phones.

    This is actually a pretty good plan for what's included for the price.
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    I would say get the iphone 5 coming out on sprint for september
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    I say wait until you find you have a new requirement your pre cant meet.
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    I just looked up my usage and I've never even hit 600 minutes during any month. I definitely have the wrong plan.

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    I'm in a somewhat similar situation -- original Pre, contract up in August, etc. I like my Pre, but I do plan to switch to iPhone, which now does everything I want a phone to do. Of course, no disrespect is meant to this awesome community and WebOS developers ...
    Anyway I'm guessing I won't have all the calendar glitches with repeating events that I've been having on my Pre lately ...
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    I'm probably leaving Sprint, since they do not carry the newer WebOS phones. That, along with the extra $10 per line and cutting back on my discount.
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    What!!!... is the deal with reading PDFs? I can do it on my preplus.

    I say get the pre 3 unless you are going to dump webos.
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