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    (Apologies in advance for the long intro)

    As luck would have it, the night before flying out of state for a business trip, I realized that my Palm Pre Plus via Verizon would no longer charge with any of my original equipment Palm cords (I have one each at work, home and my car charger). I had to actually buy a back up battery from Batteries Plus to get the now depleted phone to come back to life. Also, to make matters worse, I've been having touchstone issues also and 3 weeks ago bought a new touchstone, only to learn that it too isn't working (it makes the phone constantly cycle with the chiming and actually doesn't charge at all.

    While out of state on business I visited a Verizon store and was told the micro usb port had a broken copper lead and my now out of warranty and with no insurance pre would need replacement.

    I needed to walk out of the store with a phone, so I bought an iphone 4 to use until I either get my pre fixed or wait to buy the Pre 3 which I want BADLY. Luckily, the iphone will go to my daughter who has needed an new phone and wanted the iphone, thankfully that'll work out just fine.

    Moving forward, I need to resolve my issue with the pre.
    Does anyone have a suggestion of where I can get my pre's micro usb fixed OR where I can buy an unlocked pre plus for Verizon, that is RELIABLE that will get my by until the Pre 3 is released??

    Thanks in advance to all who reply.

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    Check Craigslist. Be sure to validate with VZW that the ESN is free before you buy.

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