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    something very weird happens when charging my Pre+ (1.4.5).

    On the Touchstone, everything is ok, and so, initially, it is when I connect the wall charger directly to my Pre+ rather than to the Touchstone.

    However, if I leave it connected to the charger for more than two or three minutes after 100% has been reached, the show starts:

    The screen looks as if some invisible person were tapping on it randomly with all fingers at once; apps are opened and eventually closed again. Until yesterday I just found this amusing, but then I charged it while I had dinner, and when I came back, I found that, apparently, I had been away much too long, and one of the ghost taps had ended aircraft mode, and thereafter the PIN entry screen had been hit at least three times on "Fertig" (Done, OK, or whatever in English), so I had to unearth the Super PIN to unlock my SIM - lucky there hadn't been another ten hits on "Fertig", as then I could have thrown the SIM away.

    Has anyone ever experienced this phenomenon - and found a reason (bad charger, faulty Pre)?


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    There is a longer thread about something like this. Sounds wired that it only happens on USB for you.
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    Superweird. There have been reports of phones, mostly with faulty touchscreens, "touching themselves" - but if I understood correctly, your problem only occurs when charging via cable.

    You could try doctoring - maybe it's some sort of strange software glitch. My phone's touchscreen once had a stroke and only the left half of it worked. Doctoring fixed that, so maybe it'll fix your screen as well?

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    The USB port has had an effect on phantom screen touches on one of my devices. I expect it is flexing the circuit board which in turn jiggles the flex cable connection to the touchscreen.

    -- Rod
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    Phantom touches are caused by intermittent connections inside the device or some other hardware circuit problem. There is no software solution, and devmode has nothing to do with it.

    Note that intermittent means that it might come right for a couple of days or even weeks. I have two devices myself that do this.

    You need a hardware repair to fix it.

    -- Rod

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