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    I have a Verizon palm pre plus webos ver.

    The mobile hot spot app works fine I'm actually using it now. The problem is every time I go to download like a file that is a decent size (100+ MB), It starts the download fine and after a minute or two the speed just starts dropping and will not download anymore or before the download is anywhere near finished it will automatically finish the download without actually downloading it (obviously unusable). Is there any kind of solution to this. THX for any help
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    I've tried playing online on my ps3 with it and it works fine n then it drops the connection
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    hmmm so does anyone know of a way to make it not lose connection? O.o I don't care if it slows the net speed I just need something reliable. The hot spot is the only net I have right now
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    lol that's all I can think of. Perhaps we need a 4G device? My gf has the EVo 4G and hers is always constant and fast. At least we got it for free lol
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    i would guess that Verizon might throttle it down? Try Freetether....
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    try slowing the car down below 80 mph so the bits can catch up to you.

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