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    So i did a search, and I'm pretty sure this is right, just looking for some confirmation:

    I tried the Nexus S and had a horrifically bad experience(see below). So I returned it and reactivated my pre - (which had 2.1 installed). Voice and SMS work fine. Data won't connect except on wifi. This was a previously activated and working 3g phone (wasn't compiled wifi only).

    It seems that what i need to do is go to 1.4.5, setup the phone data, and then re-doctor back to 2.1... can anyone confirm?

    For what its worth, the Nexus went back for a couple of reasons, but the biggest being the ****ty antenna. Didn't work worth for **** unless directly next to a wifi router, and the 3g was intermittent as well. Also the screen sensitivity was way too much (buttons pressed without touching it), and all in all i found the os to be far less intuitive than webos.
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    Yes. What has worked for me is

    1) doctoring to 1.4.5
    2) activating phone
    3) doctoring to 2.1
    Palm Pre 2 on Sprint

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