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    i upgraded to 2.1 on my pre- and its in such a bad condition that im getting one tomorrow. But when i activate the new one can i log in to it with the profile of webOS 2.1?
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    come on just yes or no quetion
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    help? Please
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    From what I've read in these forums, once a profile is signed into webOS 2, it cannot sign into older versions.
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    OMG so wen i sig in it wil tell me to create new profile?
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    I assume that you used the MetaDoctor application to create a personalized, modified webOS Doctor .jar file, which you used to upgrade your old Pre- to webOS 2.1. Yes?

    If you're not sure, read WebOS 2 Upgrade - WebOS Internals to refresh your recollection.

    If you have any trouble logging into your profile, you shoudl be able to use that same webOS Doctor file to upgrade your new Pre- to webOS 2.1. You can even do the upgrade before you activate the phone and log in to the profile. If you have trouble running the Doctor file, you might need to force your new Pre- into "recovery" mode so that it will allow the Doctor to initiate. Read

    And thank webOS Internals in the appropriate manner. WebOS Internals:Site support - WebOS Internals
    - Bubba
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    no I do not plan on upgrading to 2.1 on a pre- and less with a pre plus. After some months with 2.1 I realized my phone wasn't as fast anymore. I was thinking of getting the pre2 to make a frankenpre but later on for that. Pre- and pre+ was meant for 1.4.5 I just activated my new pre and even logged in with my profile but there is a problem. On my old pre I can't access my information anymore. I wanted my old pre just for wifi so what do I do? It's asking me for profile log in and it's unactivated now

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