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    Hey all,

    I've read that using some nail polish might be a good way to prevent the crack from spreading to the touchscreen (Which happened to my poor old flawless 2009 Pre ) I'd like to prevent this from happening to my refurb, which has now reliably developed the same crack.

    Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? I'd really like to make my Pre last for as long as possible.

    Thanks for the time and help!
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    Nail polish wont do anything. Unfortunately, short of fiberglass tape and super glue, I dont see a repair fix for this that can withstand being dropped.
    The USB area is a structural weak point. Mine cracked and had a large piece come off around the USB. I finally replaced it with the insurance program, since Im giving it to my GF when the Pre3 comes out.

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    Nothing you can do to repair it. To prevent it, I just open the slider every time I open the door and insert the cable very carefully. Treat it like a virgin
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    My first thought is that you don't want to do anything unless it's not under warranty, because putting glue on it will probably void your warranty.

    To stop a crack in a windshield requires drilling out the endpoint so the crack has no where to go. I would be scared to death to try this on a phone screen... and superglue is runny enough that I could imagine that it could run through the crack and glue it to the surface underneath the screen. I don't know what's under the plastic so I don't know if that would be bad or not...

    If you check a hobby store or or web site, you can find superglue "gel" that wouldn't be as runny. Still not sure if that would do more than create a ridge over the crack. The same would be true of trying clear epoxy.

    I think all of that would depend on how far the crack has advanced. If it's still on the side of the phone, I'd be thinking about using a dremmel to grind a slight channel to fill with super glue gel... but only if I couldn't get it replaced under warranty.
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    I repaired mine and it has lasted several months now. You have to drill a small hole ahead of the crack to stop it. Then you can fill the hole you just drilled with something like nail polish or epoxy and put a screen cover back on. :-)
    Do this fix before the crack reaches the screen!

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