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    I bought a Palm III back in college and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I came back to Palm when I decided to buy a Pixi through Sprint. That little phone served me well and I loved the fact the keyboard was always exposed and it was small. Recently my Pixi started acting up and I decided to look for a replacement.

    My wife told me to get a Blackberry. My father-in-law a Droid. I tried both of their phones but something was lacking. A desire to avoid a contract extension with Sprint led me to dig around. Eventually I found a used Palm Pre for $50. I met the guy and checked it out. it had a few scratches on the edges and was missing the USB door. Despite these deficiencies I decided to buy it.

    I got home and after activating it had to call customer service due to some data connection issues. After those were resolved I was able to sign into my Palm Profile. Just like that all my contacts and apps (minus Angry Birds ***?) were imported. I really love the Pres bigger keys and crisper screen. Sure it's not the fancies phone out there but webOS IMHO makes it better than my wife's Blackberry and her dad's Droid.

    Sorry for the long post, but I felt that my 1st one needed to be a profession of love for Palm (now HP). I am leaving my carrier options open and if Sprint doesn't get the Pre3 they'll lose me (and my family plan)!
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    angry birds for the pixi is a different iteration than birds for the pre. You will have to buy the Pre version.
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    Though the angry birds you already have will come back if you end up using a Pixi again (or a veer, for that matter).
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    Welcome aboard!!! =)
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    Welcome! I joined the WebOS world only a week ago (having been a Palm Tungsten/Zire user a few years ago), and I found this community really helpful and outgoing.

    Why don't you post a Pre/Pixi comparison when you have some free time? Since my wife will be changing her phone soon, I'm considering getting her a Pixi.

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