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    Hi, I need some help and thought here would be a good place to start:

    Highlights of long story:
    -Palm Pre+ from O2 UK
    -Windows Vista on PC.
    -Was Doctoring to v2.1.0 when lost connection part way through.
    -Now cannot connect successfully to restart the Doctoring
    -Get windows error "OMAP 3430 Device unplugged" every time.

    Long version:
    My Pre+ (1.4.5) reset itself and lost connection to Palm profile.
    I was able to restart and log back in. Phone re-synced OK, but all my settings and most of my homebrew patches were lost.
    Reinstalled Preware using webos installer and had a go at reinstating my patches - this failed and I decided it would make sense to Doctor the phone back to health. While picking up the jar file saw that 2.10 version was available (O2 UK never bothered to let us know about this version); so went with the newer Doctor.
    After several attempts I was able to get the process running and saw it was making progress ( 20%+ ) - I stepped away to sort something else and when I got back to my PC I was informed that connection to my phone had been lost. OK - I thought - I'll start again.
    However every time I try the same script is followed:
    -Start WebOS Doctor
    -Agree language/accept license
    -When prompted for phone switch on I start in recovery mode (Volume Up button pressed) and get the large USB screen.
    -At this point Doctor is happy and does a bit of battery charging
    -But Windows reports "OMAP3430 Device unplugged" and driver installation fails.
    -Doctor suddenly says 'Lost connection'.

    Novacomd service is running, I can see Novacom(bootie) in connected devices but no mention of Palm Pre or USB storage.
    Been having a look at "How to recover - WebOS internals", but don't see how to do anything differently. I've rebooted the PC several times but every time I come up against the OMAP error.

    Can anyone think of any thing else I can try before giving up?
    I'm relatively technical, but don't really have the time/inclination to mess about with SDKs etc.

    Help please.

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    Sounds like a shaky USB connection. I would try it on a different PS/OS e.g. WinXP32.
    There are a lot of reports like that in the forum.
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    Will try new cable and other ports tonight, and then maybe the wife's XP laptop.

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    Thanks Somline, changing USB ports did the trick.
    Now I have a 2.1.0 Pre+ in the UK! Hurrah.


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