Hello all,

If any of you have come across an older thread of mine, I shared the misfortune of breaking the screen on my AT&T Palm Pre Plus.

Well, since I've been able to replace it, but now I have a spare AT&T coms board, and one of my mates has a empty Sprint Pre he's willing to give me, if it were possible to drop the AT&T coms board in it.

However, I had a few quick questions before I started the process. Since the screen on my Pre Plus is dead, there is no navigating its menus, is there still a way to extract tokens? Also, AT&T Pre's use SIM cards, and Sprint Pres do not, what would I do? And finally, if I wanted to only use the device as a Wi-Fi-only, could I skip the token-extracting and just swap coms boards?

I apologize if any of my questions are..."noobish," I'm currently still reading up on the guid provided by webOS Internals, but I just wanted to get some questions that have been floating around answered.

Thanks so much for anyone who gives the time to skim this thread, any and all advise is greatly appreciated.