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    im trying to make a frankenpre2 but if i get a GSM unlocked Pre 2 i also have to put the backbezel from my pre- onto the pre 2 besides the comm board. So is the backbezel the sticker with the ESN Number and stuff?
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    see File:Slide10.PNG - WebOS Internals from Sprint Pre 2 - WebOS Internals instruction sheet.
    Also notice in that the back bezel here is different from Slide 10, due to the slight difference in GPS antenna connection.
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    so that means i have to install more besides the comm board?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rigo0523 View Post
    so that means i have to install more besides the comm board?
    Ahh, Yes!! Guess what else you have to install???

    Give up? It's the back bezel!!!...LOL
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    im not sure if its the whole thing though lol
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    just go to the Wiki listed in the second post. It shows you what to do Picture by picture. If you don't see it in the picture don't touch it.
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    yes i see it. My pre doesnt have volume key and that area is alredy damaged. Is that considered part of the back bezel thats going onto the pre 2?
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    if the volume button fits you can use it. It's the antennas that aren't interchangable. You can't use a GSM back bezel to create a Sprint Franken Pre 2. Therefore you must bring ur original Sprint back bezel along with ur comms board, to create the Franken Pre 2
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    thats where i get confused. I know that with the verizon pre 2 i can just swap the comm board but with the unlocked i have to put my pre- back bezel as well. But my main concern is my back bezel because the area where the volume key goes in is already damaged so thats what im freaking about. I can definitely put a pre and a verizon pre 2 together but an unlocked doesnt seem hard either just im concerned about the volume area of my pre thats already damaged.

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