hi all,

i've not been able to find anything else on the forums about this so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but i've not been able to find it.

I have an O2 UK pre plus that I doctored to 2.1 when the new doctor was dropped in february. I've been noticing some problems with the phone - specifically intermittent crashing issues with the phone app, which lately have become unbearable with the phone crashing on just about every other call.

I thought something might have gone amiss with my patches etc (uberkernel and many more). I tried to doctor the phone but it just won't have it. I've rebooted my windows 7 pc multiple times, uninstalled novacom, and anything else I can think of - but whatever i do the doctoring process starts to reset my phone, the doctor tells me that it's charging and to wait (even if the phone is 100% charged) and then after about 15 mins just stops while leaving the phone in stasis with the usb logo emblazoned on it and I have to reset the phone again.

if anyone has any ideas to help i'd be very grateful - my friends think i'm some kind of prank caller or just plain rude and my mum thinks i've been in a car accident. It's driving me round the bend!