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    I keep getting spam text messages on my VZW Pre+ from screen names that I have previously blocked. Typically, it's two separate texts arriving minutes apart maybe four or so days a week. It's only a couple of spams so I'm not being overwhelmed. Just wondering how the same screen names can keep reappearing after being blocked.

    Is the block function good for only a limited period or does the function simply not work? Or is something else going on? Thanx for any insights.
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    Searched for "SMS spam" and your thread seems like the best hit. I got a message at 4AM saying, basically, "Your friend said to try this booze". Well, I don't have any friends, strike one, and 2, I don't drink, so strike two.
    this wiki link's helpful Mobile phone spam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Two things helpful to me are: " AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint in the US allow subscribers to report spam by forwarding the spam messages to short code 7726 " Since I'm on pageplus, with verizon carrier, I forwarded it to the 7726 number. I got a reply, "Thanks for reporting spam, what was the sender's number? Since the spammer used a short code, I went on to a second option--Send the offending spammer the text "STOP". I got a reply saying "You have opted out and will not recieve further messages from (the number).
    This is probably info any 12 year old knows, but I didn't know it, and I'm posting it here for the next person.
    You plug your phone in?

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