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    My pre just got a "touch itself" syndrome and started pressing everything. i remember it going to device info and erase USB, blah blah. After the storm has stopped (i hope for good), i suddenly noticed that in the sounds and ringtones app, i lost all the stock sounds and ringtones except for the "Pre" sound.

    anyway on how to restore the other sounds? thanks
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    If that doesn't work, try using the webOS doctor appropriate to your device.
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    i tried using it. it won't load the appropiate webosdoctor even if i followed how to get the specific doctor for the device. is there anything i've been missing?

    im on At&t pre plus unlocked version. using it in asia.
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    I saw that once when I had the wrong charger installed. I suggest if it won't doctor that it is defective. However, it may still be able to be doctored by putting it in USB update mode before running the doctor...Palm Support : Palm Pre Sprint - Troubleshooting webOS Doctor

    Also, if you have the doctor or a backup of the ringtones directory, just install them via usb.
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