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    I got a "new" Pre from an ebay user. Its a Sprint Pre running uberkernel default profile in govnah. Its been activated about a month. It was idle for quite some time today. I am trying to use the phone and the touchscreen has stopped responding. I can type and get to device info but can not reset the phone because I can not navigate with the touchscreen. I also tried holding the power button and sliding the ringer mute switch back and forth 3 times. I can not get that to work either because it requires interaction with the touchscreen.

    Any suggestions?

    Dead touchscreen or a trip to the doctor?
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    I would suggest a battery pull first to see if that clears it up. if not then you can see the doctor.

    Has the phone been dropped recently or does it have a screen protector on it? I put one on my Pre once that made the touchscreen inconsistent. If you have one, I'd take it off and see if it helps.

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    thx. I have done a battery since posting. No luck. It also won't turn off the screen unless the keyboard is slid out. Then it will turn off the screen after a little while. It did drop about 3 or 4 days ago.
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    I can not get the phone into USB mode. I tried to force it several times by holding the volume key and pressing the power button. It is not working. Any suggestions or an alternate way to force USB?
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    I believe he meant recovery USB mode, not for transferring files from the internal flash.

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    Anything ever come of this? My daughter's Pre is locked up exactly like the OP's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rigatoni1374 View Post
    hah is that the ctrl+alt+del of webos :-P

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