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    of my Palm' history?

    I have an AT&T Palm Pre, unlocked and using outside USA. So I cannot replace it or send it to fix my problem:

    #1 It has the "touch itself syndrome"; I had tried to fix it without success. Then yesterday the screen broke near the USB connection plug (pictures A and B). Since then the touch itself problem apparently disapeared....

    #2 But at night my screen stopped to respond at lower and middle left side (picture 2 shows Screen Tests)...

    I tried to remove the battery, hard reset... , no result.

    So, is this the end of my Palm history since Palm Vx? It was very hard to me to get this phone and make it work here, outside USA. I'm really thinking to replace it with a Google Nexus S or the next Samsung Galaxy S II..

    Or is there a way I can use Messagin and Emails apps without this part of the screen? The + button of these apps do not respond so I cannot send emails or SMS...

    Using webOs 1.4.5
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    Contact Palm directly, they may still be able to help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by richardtank View Post
    Contact Palm directly, they may still be able to help!
    As I said I'm using it in a non official country...

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