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    Question for those of you on AT&T. I see that AT&T offers a $10/mo data plan for non-smartphones and a $30/mo data plan for smartphones. Since these are attached to a SIM card, if you stick a SIM card w/the $10/mo plan into a Pre, does it get data? If not, any idea of how they enforce that?
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    They will sense that you are using a smartphone and adjust your plan accordingly.
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    and don't forget that it is PER line... I don't understand how people are flocking to AT&T and Verizon if it weren't for the hardware... They both nickle & dime you for every single thing.

    I was in an AT&T store a few weeks ago looking at the Veer and talking to a sales rep. He ran some numbers for me, and the prices that he came back with were a lot more per month for a lot less service. It was astounding how much the same service costs on AT&T.
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    I 100% agree with you. AT&T is murder compared to Sprint. However, consider the fact that I get 0 bars of Sprint service (literally 0, i'm not exaggerating) where I work 9-5. My coworker gets full AT&T bars on his iPhone. It just makes sense for me to switch to AT&T. I might be paying a bit more for less service, but at least I'll be able to use my phone for more than half the day.
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    My desire for AT&T comes exclusively from the fact that they use SIM cards. I like the idea of being able to use any phone I want w/o the carrier deciding for me. I'm tired of waiting and hoping that Sprint gets the next Pre. I want to buy a phone, and plug my SIM into it and have it work regardless of what my carrier wants.

    That said, I'm a recovering AT&T user. GSM just sucks as a wireless protocol. IMHO CDMA is much better. HSPA does things a lot more like CDMA so I suspect that it does better than EDGE did (and I don't just mean speed wise). But AT&T still uses GSM for voice. It's why you hear so many people in large cities complaining about AT&T being able to keep an active voice call.

    As to my original post, I have absolutely no intention of trying to swindle AT&T. It was just curiosity. My next question is this: can I get a SIM card w/no data plan attached to it and use a webOS phone with data only over wifi?

    Update: Nevermind, found my answer:
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