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    Ok, so i bought a Palm Pre offline, and the ear speaker is not working...? How can i fix the ear speaker?
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    Sell it to some sucker offline for cheap without advertising the speaker prob and get another one...........j/k *jab*
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    it might be stuck in headphone mode. Search for headphone mode issue, sorry I don't have time right now to search and post a link
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    Do you see the headset icon at the top-right of the screen? When you dial out, it is giving out option for headset mode? Try to work the headset into the jack a few times and see how that fairs. If still nogo, take a can of compressed air and shoot some air into that jack, make sure the can is not upside down Further stuff in this public KB article :

    Just don't bother with the audio tests for it doesn't work at all for webOS 1.4.5 devices.
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