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    I admit I have not kept up with PreCentral...and while I still have my 2009 Pre Original (or Minus...whichever you prefer)...I AM looking forward to the Pre 3, assuming Sprint WILL come through on this, but I'd like to see some developers go back to porting all those awesome iPhone games that are extremely easy for them to do! I was excited when I got Raging Thunder 2 and saw that, for 10% of the HD space, it was just as good visually as Asphalt 5 or ANY racing/regular game out there. Then it stopped!
    Now, all we get are "Angry (Freakin') Birds" and their offspring games! ***?? Ot's bad enough that the premise of "Birds" is stupid...but visually, I've seen HomeBrew games that were better!

    Soooo...what's the verdict? Have we been cut off for good? If anyone can tell me anything, I'd be in your debt!

    Thanks for reading!

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    I think we will see a huge increase in app selection once the pre3 and touchpad come out. Hp has been signing companies to develop apps for webos if you recall. Hopefully by next month we should see some new stuff.
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    Try nfl 2010, Dungeon Hunter and Need for Speed Underground. They may be old but they are awesome for the pre.
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    I wanna see Words with Friends come to WebOS. So many of my andriod and ios buddies play that game, and I'm always "on the bench".

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