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    I'm finding more and more that my Pre+ (VZW, running webOS 2.1) is getting hot while charging on the Touchstone. This morning was the worst. I picked it up after it had been on the Touchstone overnight and it was quite hot. In fact, the charge was at 97% after being on the Touchstone for about 7 hours, which says to me that the phone was getting so hot that it was discharging faster than the Touchstone could replenish it. I've tried multiple overclocking levels. Yesterday I was on a constant 800mhz and it heated up. So, I tried bringing it down to 500/800 screenstate. That's where it was overnight. Right now I'm on 500/720 screenstate, and it still seems to be running too hot.

    Has anyone else dealt with this? This isn't a problem I've had until recently.
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    I find that this only happens for me when my Pre is using a lot of data while sitting on the TouchStone. If the bottom portion of the rear of the phone is the hot spot, then it's definitely the radio.
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    I don't think that's it. I don't have anything new that's using an usual amount of data.

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    Leaving the slider open might help a little. Maybe also check Govnah to make sure it downclocks to 500 MHz on the stone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychonaut View Post
    Leaving the slider open might help a little. Maybe also check Govnah to make sure it downclocks to 500 MHz on the stone.
    Tried the open slider thing before, but I'll try it tonight when I go to bed. I'll also doublecheck that the phone is downclocking -- good suggestion.
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    I always recommented open the slider.
    If you have the "show actual battery percent" patch installed it is normal that you find the device at 95-100% while charging because the charging stops at 100 and then the device runs from Battery until 95 to get charged again. This goes on for ever.
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    We have two VZW Pre+ running WebOS 2.1.0. Mine has always gotten hot when on the Touchstone and I always open the slider when it is charging. My wife's has never gotten hot and she never opens the slider when charging on the Touchstone. It would appear that the heat buildup is specific to individual devices and may go back to build quality issues relating to fit and finish of the internal components.
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    I have problems with my Pre1 on the touchstone.

    I basically open the slider and turn on a desktop fan to keep it cool.
    Otherwise webos freezes (does it go 100% cpu?)and it doesnt seem to charge anymore.

    always been a problem for this 2 month old pre (new old stock)

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    Many have reported overheating due to touchstone build quality issues, going back to when the Pre was first released. My Pre always gets very hot on one particular touchstone, somewhat hot on a second touchstone, but never has a problem on two others.
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    My Pre has totally discharged itself over night a couple of times lately. It won't even turn on and when I put it back on the touchstone I get the red battery. It has also developed some periodic heat issues when charging. I'm wondering if the problem is with the phone or the Touchstone? Thoughts?

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