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    so I've had this issue happen to me twice now. My phone freezes to the point where I have to do a battery pull (can't just do a regular soft Orange+Sym+R reset) I put the battery back in and then let the phone boot up. When the phone finishes booting a lot of my apps when I load them act like it's the first time that I've run them.

    For example.... my Spaz twitter app has an initial load screen saying something along the lines of "thanks for using this app" which now loads again...

    ex2 : my torrent remote app completely loses the server data that I have installed so I have to re-add the server info as if it was never there.

    ex3 : my Verizon Fios remote DVR app loses all connection with my DVR server information as if it was never there. I then have to re-set up all of the connection information

    It doesn't happen ever time I have to reset the phone, or even every time I have to pull the battery, but it has happened multiple times now and it's kind of annoying. Luckily I'm not really losing any of my actual stored data, but still.

    Has this ever happened to anyone else?

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    Yup, just happened to me this morning. If you homebrew, use Save/Restore. Mine was so bad this morning that every time I attempted to open Newsroom it was rebooting the phone, had to uninstall and reinstall, then put everything back with Save/Restore.
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    the cookies the store the app data, can get corrupt if the phone isn't shut down correctly.

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