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    I can not get my clock to stay on while charging on the Touchstone no matter what. I tried finding the patch for it under system preferences and it tells me there is not one available yet from sconix and can't find any others. There is no way to tell my screen not to shut off, the longest is 3 minutes so I am stumped. The tricks didn't work by twisting it. It still shuts down and turns from horizontal to vertical with the small clock and the lock symbol. I like the larger clock as I can see it better. It is a Palm Pre 2 Verizon with HP 2.0.1
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    That's interesting. Becuase whatever you've got set up, I'd like to have the opposite. I'd like the screen to automatically go black when I put it on the touchstone. I can manually turn off the screen, but it eventually comes back on (and stays on) as soon as I get any sort of notification.

    I'm on 2.1 and I find that feature of exhibition to be rather annoying.
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    Yes, it seems most folks want the opposite, for it to go off. When mine goes into the small clock mode, it is the best I can get. The horizontal will show for the lockout time and then, back to the other. Seems to be contraindicative to have a program that shows and then cut it off when it locks, what the heck is it for? What were they thinking you would carry it around and keep pushing the button? I've had Palm since the Black flip PDA III version so I am loyal to the brand anyway.
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    BTW, your graphic is great can I use it? (the phones)
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    In preware you should try the app called "Quick System Tasks" because it let's you disable the screen sleeping on the touchstone.
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    Thanks I will take a look
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    No luck. I installed it and tried to change to SO off although it said not tested with 2.0 and a blinking computer with red clock stayed for several minutes until i pushed it off and it still goes to small clock, notifiers and lock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ocdobbs View Post
    BTW, your graphic is great can I use it? (the phones)
    Sure. But it represents my history of PDA type devices starting from when I got my first PDA, the Palm III back in the late 90's. So it's kinda custom to me. But you're welcome to it.
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    Is mode switcher updated for 2.X? I use it to manage my display, between work and all other times (clock on at work so I can see my notifications), everywhere else screen off. Works great on 1.4.5, since I am on a Sprint Pre- I haven't really kept up with the 2.X info right now.
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