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    I know that TTS will not work with the Pre- & Touchpad because of hardware issues, but I could still answer a call and use the other bluetooth features on the Touchpad, right? In other words, could I still use my original Pre & profile with the Touchpad to take advantage of the video chat & text features over bluetooth?
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    good question... I'm curious about this too.
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    That should work. It's just using the TouchPad as a bluetooth device. It should work the same way it does when I pair my phone with my Garmin Nuvi GPS. It becomes the speakerphone for my phone, and I can dial numbers from the contact list on the phone. It works for my Pre+ and my Pre2.

    TTS shouldn't have anything to do with that. I can transfer an active call to and from my 3-year-old GPS and my Pre+ with one tap.

    The TouchPad should be able to do that with any webOS phone. In fact, I hope that it will work with any phone. Could you imagine how cool it would be to be able to make a call through other phones? That would be a really major differentiating feature.
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    From what I understood (Kerris on webOSRadio), shared profile is only available with 3.0. Since Pre- isn't even getting 2.x, I'm not sure you'll be able to do the shared profile thing. And I think you'd need that to use the text-forwarding feature.

    As far as taking regular calls, that shouldn't be a problem since you're basically just using the tablet as a big bluetooth handsfree. I doubt video chat would work through the phone, but should work over wifi or using your phone as a 3G hotspot.
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    I had been wondering almost the same thing, even started a thread a few moments ago asking about whether the Touch Pad would still allow a device such as the up coming Evo 3D to pair with it and send/receive phone calls/text messages.

    I would absolutely love it if it would work with any phone and not just the Pre/Veer.

    Thanks again Cantaffordit for linking!

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