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    My Sprint launch day Pre- is falling apart at the seams.

    The power button stopped working and then completely fell out of the phone. Now if I need to power on/off the device, I have to use a toothpick to press the internal switch.

    The back plate has cracked severely.

    The sound switch on top does absolutely nothing. The volume rocker on the side does nothing. Even if I happen to get the phone into silent mode, it seems to randomly make notification sounds anyways.

    If I use wireless to connect to a network, the battery life drops to 0% and shuts off within 10 minutes.

    I think it is going to make it through the rapture day, but I don't know how much longer it will last after that.

    HP, PLEASE release the Pre3! I need to replace this thing.
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    You should plus it. lol. find a cheap Pre plus and swap the com boards. at least to tide you over till the pre 3.
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    My launch week Pre is still going strong but still can't wait for the Pre 3
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    hold on another month if you can or get a verizon pre 2

    spirit pre plus here w expanding screen crack. Backplates are cheap swapped Mine already. Volume button held in place w cellophane lol.

    were all hanging in there....
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    My Pre- was falling apart, too. That's why I'm on a Pre2 now. I got a Pre+ then found a Pre2 for cheap. And I still have an upgrade available if sprint gets the Pre3.
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    mine will make it, but I am jonesing hard for a new phone. I really hope the Pre3 or better gets announced on Sprint and releases ASAP.

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