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    I have recently migrated from a Pre on Sprint to a Pre+ on Verizon. I did the standard backup and copied everything from the USB side to my PC. I mistakenly thought that my applications data was backed up with my profile. I need to be able to get to the applications on my old phone, but since there is not an active profile on it, and it no longer has service I can't get to the applications to do an export. I'm willing to try the profile activation bypass options, but I'm not clear that doing that won't delete the applications and data that are on there already. I found out after the fact that the program I use, TealAuto can export it's data to the USB side, but I have to be able to access the program. Suggestions as to the direction I should take would be greatly appreciated.
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    Once your profile has been deleted on the old phone I am not sure the apps are still there. The data on USB is but I don't know if the apps are.
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    I'm hoping someone can chime in here and say absolutely for sure whether the data from applications that were installed is gone or not. I have been successful in getting past the login and now have access to the default applications. Not sure what or if there is anything I can do.
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    much ado about nothing.

    release the pre 3 already!

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