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    My touchscreen is out but the rest of the phone works normally,, I have splash ID with all my username and passwords plus alot of information I would like to recover.. Here are my questions and I appreciate any and all responses.

    1.) Is there anyway to access the spash ID app from the keyboard so I can copy all my info out of the app.??

    2.) Is there a way I can send this phone off somewhere and get the touchscreen fixed so I can access all my apps and get the information I need..??

    3.) Don't you think if I am due for a equipment upgrade I should just go ahead and upgrade to a Nexus or something like that and then chase the Pre 3 down where ever it lands and buy my way out of my contract should I need to go to Ver or att to get the Pre ??

    4.) What phones would you consider from Sprint if you were in my shoes??
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    ...I'm wondering what to do...already purchased a used Pre but it doesn't work quite right (audio problems)...wondering if I can transplant parts from one Pre into another...
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    I have a pre- it's pretty beat up missing the power button but still turns on if you use something to press the power dot in the phone or use a different power button. Anyway everything works on the phone fine the screen is kinda beat up but hey if one of ya need it i'll sell it for $25 shipped. Let me know if either of ya want it.
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    When the touch screen doesn't work, there isn't much you can do with the phone and it seems hopeless. This has happened to me twice and both times I was able to recover, so don't panic yet.

    The first time I had to remove the battery and do a cold restart and that did the trick.

    The second time had me stumped. The battery trick didn't work. So I remembered that the reason the touch screen became unresponsive the first time, got narrowed down to charging the phone using the car charger in my wife's Honda van. I figured the car's current must have done something to put the phone in this state.

    Ever since that first problem I have avoided the car charger in either car only using a touchstone even when travelling away from home. So I thought, what if the charging caused an issue again? So for the heck of it I pulled the mini-usb plug out of the touchstone and plugged it right into the side of the phone like I used to do ages ago. Bingo. Immediately the screen recognized my touches. Crisis solved.

    Why does it happen? I can only figure that the Pre (mine is an original Sprint model) doesn't like power fluctuations. And the touch screen may be the most sensitive element of the device.

    Lets just hope the Pre 3 doesn't have this issue. By the way, where is that thing? Right now I don't know what my next trick will be if my Pre screen goes unresponsive.

    Hope this helps.
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    How do I do a cold restart???
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    "The first time I had to remove the battery and do a cold restart and that did the trick."

    I think he may be implying a 'cold restart' is when you turn off, remove the battery, and then put it all back together and turn it on.

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