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  • still going with a Pre-. (hoping to give HP and Sprint more of my $ in future)

    86 74.78%
  • switched carriers for new webOS phone.

    3 2.61%
  • switched carriers for a new non-webOS phone.

    2 1.74%
  • switched to non-webOS phone...still on Sprint.

    8 6.96%

    16 13.91%
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    Hey fellow Sprint Pre- users. I thought it might be interesting to get a snapshot of where original Pre- users stand today....
    ("original" here is to be used loosely...basically if you bought a Pre- back when it was the only Pre variant available)
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    Does an Aug. Pre - count? I've got a Franken Pre 2 ATM and awaiting the Pre 3... Not worried about Sprint though... Not sure if I want to renew with them cause of lack of service in some areas.

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    My original Sprint Pre only recently gave up the ghost, and only after it drowned in a pool because my brother thought I should take a dip. It's been very sad ever since. I bought a used Pre off ebay, then replaced that one with a refurb from Sprint under warranty, then that refurb's screen stopped working, so they replaced it again. So now I am on Pre(-) #4, and I actually just got back from the Sprint store because the earpiece wasn't working (not the earphone jack issue - it's a hardware connectivity issue). Fortunately, it seems to be working most of the time now, although the occasional pinch/squeeze of the earpiece is required.

    I desperately want a new phone, but I love the Pre so much. And I really didn't even mind the Pre (-) once I added UberKernel and some patches. But at this point, the hardware out there is just aged.

    On top of all that, I am starting a new job in a couple months and I am pretty sure they won't support WebOS, so I might have to go to an iPhone. *sigh* I just wish I could have a Pre 3.
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    I did give Evo the 30 day free trial over the holidays (Radio Shack was offering it for $99), but have stayed w/my Pre-. Ready for the Pre 3, though--come to Sprint!
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    Yupper...still have mine and doing pretty well. Need to reinstall a fresh copy of 2.1 since some patch installs have now botched my installation. Please note, this is not anyone's fault but mine since if I followed the instructions and was a little more patient I probably would have not had problems in the first place.

    Either way, I'm looking forward to Pre3 and Touchpad making the rounds hopefully to Sprint. I'd love a Veer, but from what I hear will not be supported since WIMAX and CDMA are not small enough for Veer technology???

    On a side note, went by my local Best Buy looking for some self-adhesive grip pads for for my AGF GRT Slider Case that is a little slick and spoke with one of their phone reps. Interesting part was they don't care anything like that anylonger (only specific hardware covers, protection, etc) and "they no longer have anything from Palm (HP) phone wise." I did a quick search online and notice Pre Plus (ATT) and Pre 2 (Verizon) are only available online now. Shame, shame! Sorli...
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    Oct 09 Pre Classic here still going strong. Only issue is the "no data" issue that seems to happen if the Pre overheats to much.
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    just recently turned my 7th Pre into a FrankenPre2. Waiting on Pre3 so I can pass my FrankenPre2 onto my girl.
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    Had several replacements. If Sprint doesn't pick up a new device, I'm perfectly happy to go through their entire remaining stock. =)
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    Maybe I should add that my old '09 Pre - is now my MP3 player, so its still in use... Trying to figure out how to mod the wife's old Pre - into an ammo count display for a nice big gun for a post WW3 costume.

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    Definitely suprised by the percentage of hold-outs...although I guess part of that could be attributed to people that went to different carriers/phones are probably no longer scouring the precentral forums...hmmmmmm
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    My original June of 09 Pre is almost 2 years old and still going strong, no issues and also I have to give props to webOS Internals and the Hombrew community for without them I probably would be another brand of smartphone . I am holding out till the end of June because we have 3 Pres on the family Plan and there is no point updating devices until then anyways. If Sprint does not carry the Pre 3 then I am bolting to who ever does.
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    Ive got 5 original pre's, only had to replace my wifes long ago for dead pixles.
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    Still rockin my Sprint Pre- purchased 3/10. Waiting for Sprint to get a new WebOS device before I upgrade. My Pre took a belly slide on the asphalt a couple weeks ago but still holding together. Hoping Pre3 or rumored slab gets announced on Sprint this Summer.
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    Sporting a FrankenPre2 on Sprint right now. Pre3 for me when it be!
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    Have my original replacement Pre- that is I started with a Sprint Pre and had to get it replaced due to some weird actions of the screen - which if I recall happened early so was a painless warranty replacement. My Pre has lived in a GRT case so there is zero "oreo" effect, and all buttons work and I still have the usb door! And YES, I do fiddle with the dang thing daily! Just recently upgraded with govna and uber something so am running over clocked at 1Ghz. Am still very happy with my Pre and have a couple co workers with iPhones and some Androids that show phone envy for what my lil ol' Pre can do! I can wait patiently until HP decides what they are gonna do regarding Sprint, Pre 3 and the TP.

    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    Went the FrankenPre 2 route, this phone is the bees knees.
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    Still on my second June '09 Pre, upgraded it with Preware and Touchstone since then. 2 months ago I repaired my power button.

    I also have a Pre2 (unlocked) that I use via wifi at home, wishing it was my Sprint phone...

    Edit: I remembered I started a thread about posting pictures of our Pre minuses (the OP mentioned 'snapshot'). My thread was a total dud, but now seeing that there are still quite of few of us Pre- users around, it would be interesting to see the condition of those nearly 2-year old Pres.
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    I am on my 5th Sprint Pre.
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    July of '09. On my second pre. Hopeing for new webos on Sprint.
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    On my 3rd Pre - on Sprint. Launch day > replacement for bad keyboard > shinier eBay replacement 'til Sprint brings me some good news re Pre 3.
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