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  • still going with a Pre-. (hoping to give HP and Sprint more of my $ in future)

    86 74.78%
  • switched carriers for new webOS phone.

    3 2.61%
  • switched carriers for a new non-webOS phone.

    2 1.74%
  • switched to non-webOS phone...still on Sprint.

    8 6.96%

    16 13.91%
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    I bought three Sprint Pre phones on launch day. One individual returned it shortly after. The other is on their third phone. I am on my fifth phone with this one being a FrankenPre Plus. Although the individual wants a slightly larger screen there has been some hesitance in switching phones. This individual owns an Ipod Touch and has toyed with an Evo and other Android phones. Hands down loves webOS and thinks it is far better than what is available. Just wants better hardware for it. I have to say I agree. I am anxious to have a Pre 3 now that I am on webOS 2.1.0 and have experienced it on a Legacy device. I want a FrankenPre 2 but will wait until the end of June. I'll convert two Pre 2s if no Sprint news is definite by then.
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    The wife and I, original Pre- (purchased Oct 2009). I have thought about franken Pre2, but not until I see official pricing and carriers for Pre3. Phones are working as they should, no OC on the wifes and randon OC on mine otherwise I run 500/600 with compcache enabled. Both phones patched and homebrewed since the first week owned. Waiting for Pre3 and touchpad (it's the touchpad integration that has me holding out to see where everything lands before truly considering a franken pre 2).
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Sporting a FrankenPre2 on Sprint right now. Pre3 for me when it be!
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    Still rocking my 1st Pre which I got in Sept. 09 with no issues.
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    I'm still on my original June 6th 2009 purchased Pre. I have only had one problem where the phone wiped itself and I have yet to use any of the WebOS doctors. Preware patches for a few things. Waiting on the Pre 3 and I may just have to take the day off work to go get one as soon as it comes out. I hope on Sprint, but if not, I may just have to go elsewhere....

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    Forgot to mention, haven't doctored either phone, even with all the patches and themes, etc.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Bought mine in June 09. Never needed to replace. I do have the usb crack, but is has stayed small and I'v never bothered to have it replaced. Really hoping for something anything to come to Sprint. (Been lusting after the Veer. I know, I know.. not a CDMA phone...)

    I will likely hold out until the fat lady officially sings....
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    People who are still on their original Pre- amaze me. The longest I had one was about a year. And that one was my 6th, and it's now pretty much falling apart.
    1. Cracked screen near USB port
    2. Power button doesn't work any more
    3. Keyboard stopped working

    It's really quite amazing to me that people's launch day Pre- still work.
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    My first Pre came out of the box not working, but other than that, I still am on my second one. Pretty good shape too for using it all day, every day. No oreo, some minimal scratches, all good. Reeeeeeeeally slow, but good.
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    Dropped and broke Jul 09 Pre. If Sprint doesn't get Pre3, will go month to month on replacement. Love Sprint's everything plan but I recently moved and the signal isn't as good.
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    Day 1 Pre owner.

    First one developed a crack at the USB door. They wouldn't replace it (10 months in). Soon after, the power button broke 2 times in 2 days, so they sent me a refurb (11th month).

    Second one has been functional. Power button broke 2 months in or something, but by then, I found the forums fix and a rubber band has been there and held. Original battery down to 80% life or something based on Dr. Battery, bought a new one 15 months or so in (refurb used my old battery). Ringer switch is also fritzy when set to vibrate: phone goes crazy switching back and forth on its own.

    Both had a decent oreo effect after 7-9 months of ownership.

    My battery has dipped again, but I am holding out. Not for a Pre3, as I'm pretty sure it won't be on Sprint anytime soon (sorry, as much as I switched to Sprint for a Pre-, I also did it to have a cheaper data plan). Will likely be going Nexus S or EVO3D. Looking ahead, I already see myself missing cards and synergy quite a bit as my trade off. Hoping to be able to go back to webOS the next round.
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    Guess I never answered my own question (outside of the actual poll).
    Original Pre- from July '09. No real issues...screen is in pretty bad shape scratch wise, but other than that...still rockin the original. Would love to rock something new though....on Sprint....
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    I've had mine since 4/10. Replaced tired battery 2/11. That replacement didn't work too well so I bought one from Amazon for $4.00, works great. Waiting to see if Sprint is going to carry the Pre 3 and Touchpad. Love my Pre!
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    just had the telephone jack issue turn permanent, sprint is sending me a "new" pre, and I retain my upgrade for mid june if I choose

    I spent the last month traveling with a Pre2 however, and the OG pre is feeling very underwhelming now that I have returned.

    I'm hoping for epocrates and a Pre3 on sprint. I am not feeling confident about either.
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    Still going on strong on my launch day Pre.

    Currently rocking webOS 2.1 @ 1.1GHz on F104A kernel.

    I'm a big fan of webOS, but getting agitated with outdated hardware and the lack of big name apps. I'll definitely consider the Pre3 if it comes out on Sprint, and we get an influx of mainstream apps (Netflix, Audible, Kindle, etc.). Otherwise, I will contemplate my options.
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    I got my Pre on 12/16/10 very happy with it had some failures WebOS 2 whatever which did noting but drain my battery. Today I have it set to my liking picked up an extra battery and a body glove so I am sticking with it.
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