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    My keyboard hit the skids a few days ago -it would randomly switch between symbols and upper case letters- so I took it in to have it checked out.

    They said they would either repair or replace it.

    I come back an hour later and they said there were too many things <deleted> up on my phone to they just swapped it with a new/refurb one (5th time)

    No matter how pathetic the hardware is, getting a new pre rejuvenated my love for it....haha...Sure it's slow, still has a flimsy usb door and has a bit of an oreo thing going on...but my screen is scratchless, my keyboard feels great and the os still rocks!

    I still have my sights on the 3D EVO, but at this point I'm good.....if the Pre 3 comes to Sprint I'm all over it.

    Now I gotta go and patch this <baby> up! Haha
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    Get a Pre 2. It is a huge upgrade. You will love it.

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