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    I did it once, but it was a few months ago, now after using meta-doctor I'd like to do it again, but I don't remember how. Auto-Correction and Shortcuts in Text Assist are off. As far as I remember I needed to modify some file, but I may be wrong...
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    I can't point you to the location of the file off the top of my head but maybe you deleted the words contained within the auto correct dictionary?

    I'm on my Pre and didn't feel like searching for it's location, apologies.
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    You are right, there are two dictionary files, one is editable and stores words added by user but deleting it's content doesn't solve my problem, the other is a database which cannot be edited. That file is Palm_611_ENubUN_xt9_2.ldb and it's in directory /usr/palm/smartkey/X9T/dbs/LDBs. Deleting that file does what I wanted, and doesn't affect to Auto-Capitalisation option, which is handy to me. Thanks for the tips!

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