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    I have been seeing a lot of "touchscreen problem" threads lately. I am, of course, worrying about the health of my Pre Minus as I wait for HP and Sprint to get something together for us.

    It seems that when I look at these threads, they start with "my touchscreen has become unresponsive" and continue with "I have Preware, uberkernel, ... patch this, ...patch that..." I have yet to see a touchscreen problem on an unmodified Pre.

    Is there anyone out there who has a stock Pre that is giving you touchscreen problems? I have kept my Pre stock and I'm hoping it will not develop problems before Sprint has a replacement.
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    mine at first had random touches and now myy screen only works in two places along the top and right side... good luck lol
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    since my update yesterday to WebOS 2.1 I also have touchscreen problems
    many little annoying delays. like while on ph call - display goes blank & I cant press any buttons etc....
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    I had some problems before. It could be that your pre touchscreen is broken. One of the easiest ways to know is go into Device Information. Press Preferences, and go to Tests. Press Interactive Tests... Touch Touch senors.

    If there are problems, you can use WebOSDoctor. This program is made my Palm/HP. It will reset your device to factory defaults. You should backup everything on your device before doing this as it can completely reset everything.

    If the problem still exists, your phone is broken.

    Edit: oops misread OP. My touchscreen works fine. The only problem I have with mine is that all the screws holding the screen down somehow vanished. My screen dangles a bit. It could be worse, but it still works. I just don't know where to get replacement screws.

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