1. Daughter dropped her bookbag; Pre screen cracked and touchscreen unusable; keyboard on this phone (phone #1) still works

2. Bought a nice-looking Pre (phone #2) using Craigslist

3. Activated the new Pre (phone #2) online and deactivated phone #1; the activation process seemed to work; a confirmation email was sent to me

4. Turned on phone #2 and went through the process of trying to sign into what was phone #1's Palm profile; this was problematic because phone #2 (the new one) did not have any sort of data icon (EV, 1X, Wifi)

5. Took the phone to the local Sprint store...the tech (a very nice trainee on the job for less than a month)...tried over and over again...and over and over again...doing hard resets...and he too could not get past the same screen...the profile could not be accessed because phone #2 (new one) was not able to make any data connection

6. Finally, a half-hour after the store was supposed to close, the tech was successful and we got in with data access...but were forced to create a new profile as what I had believed the profile's email/password to be apparently was incorrect. But hey, the phone works (hopefully...we're on day 1).

7. So my daughter has phone #1 with a cracked screen...and two years worth of data, contacts, set-up info etc on it...and phone #2 which works but has been wiped clean.