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    Hi there.

    A few months ago, I had to have my Palm Pre Plus replaced.

    My Pre Plus's profile was backed up by O2 in the UK.

    But, when I the backup restored, some of my contacts were restored, and applications like Angry Birds lost my place in terms of how far in the game I had gotten.

    I contacted O2, and then Palm and all I got was "Oops.." and shrugged shoulders....

    And, I just had my Pre Plus swapped again, and the situation happened... AGAIN...

    How do I backup ALL of the Pre's info, ALL OF IT... Profiles, application specific preferences on MY computer... EVERYTHING....

    I would love to have an image of my Pre in case of upgrades, or hardware exchanges...

    Is there anything in the Pre community which can do this?

    The Cloud is not my friend right now.
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    that are some great threads on here that will answer your questions better than I can back-up will find what your looking for
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    search backup-pre most come up

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